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Rocket German Review

Reviewed by: The German Project

Rocket German "dashboard" screenshot

Rocket German is an online German course and app from Rocket Languages. It comes in three levels making it suitable for beginner to intermediate German learners.

Rocket German doesn't have quite the same flashy marketing as bigger names like Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur or Fluenz. It's also nowhere near as cute as that Duolingo owl. But you'll see a lot of people talking about it because it seems to offer a whole lot, without costing the earth.

On first glance it can be a bit hard to understand exactly what you're getting with Rocket German: There are podcast-style lessons, a grammar course, and a bunch of other tools for each lesson with a sugar-dusting of gamification, badges, awards and other trinkets.

So how does it actually work?

Let's take a look.

The interactive audio course

The first place you start in Rocket German is with the "Interactive Audio Course".

The Interactive Audio lessons are essentially podcasts. You can listen to them on your computer, download them to a music device, or access them through the app. They're all around 20 minutes long, which is a good length for me: Long enough to learn something, but not so long that it gets dull.

Rocket German interactive audio lesson screenshot

Confession time: In the past I've hurled a lot of criticism at language audio courses for teaching useless stuff at the beginning. Stuff like how to book a hotel room over the phone. Who does that anymore?

But Rocket German teaches you something much more useful: Within the first three interactive audio lessons you've learned how to how to order both tea and coffee in German. Now that's some useful language skills.

The Interactive Audio lessons are structured around a conversation. When the lesson starts, you'll hear a Pretty Intimidating Conversation, and then over the next twenty minutes Lena and Paul will break it down. 

Rocket German audio lesson transcript
Part of a conversation from an audio lesson. (The actual lessons are like podcasts, but you also get written transcripts and notes to practice with.)

In these audio lessons you'll do a lot of pronunciation practice (occasionally right down to individual syllables — useful for those really long German words) and you'll learn a bit about how the words work.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to use all those words and constructions in a variety of other ways, so you can quickly start joining in real life conversations.

Update: The Interactive Audio lessons were re-written and re-recorded in 2020 with a new (American) host and two native German speakers. The previous host was a little grating. If you read other reviews that mention an annoying host... they're probably referring to the old versions of the lessons.

Overall I found the audio lessons taught me a surprising amount of useful German in a short space of time. They strike a nice balance between:

  1. ‍Essential and usable German building blocks
  2. Cultural insights
  3. Pronunciation practice

Most importantly, what you get out of these lessons is a whole lot of motivation. Motivation comes from being able to see great results in a short space of time, and that's what these lessons deliver.

They don't necessarily go into a whole lot of depth, but that's where the next course component comes in...

The "language and culture" course

The audio course covers the most essential German you need to survive, and it gets you "functional" fast. But if you want to become fully fluent in German, the audio course isn't going to get you all the way there. 

So Rocket German also comes with a more detailed written grammar course that can be used alongside the audio course. (They call it the "language and culture" course, but it's mostly grammar and vocabulary, with a few extra cultural insights included.)

This is more like a traditional-style German course. They cover in greater depth all of the nitty-gritty that the audio course skims over. The explanations are straightforward, and there's a lot of that lovely clear audio built-in, so you can practice hearing and speaking the words.

Rocket German grammar course layout
The "language and culture" lessons go into more depth than the audio course. There's audio and pronunciation practice for almost every audio example.

If you don't like learning all the technical grammar points in these lessons — that's ok. I'd recommend that you just stick to the interactive audio lessons, which are much easier to digest.

Once you start to get a little bit more curious, or you bump up against something you can't figure out, you can come back to these lessons.

(Curiosity is the best fuel for learning!)

Practicing and reinforcing what you've learned

One of my biggest weaknesses when learning a new language is that it's tempting to skip through the material too quickly. I think I understand it, so I move onto the next section. Then it all evaporates from my memory when I need it most.

Rocket German gives you a bunch of tools at the end of every lesson to make sure you've fully mastered every single angle of the material before you move onto the next step.

It tests your listening, your writing, your pronunciation, and your ability to find the right words when you're under pressure!

The tests use a self-rating system (so it's up to you to be honest) and spaced-repetition (so if something is difficult, you'll keep seeing it until it's easy). I've found these exercises challenge me to slow down and really learn the material, and my recall and confidence is better.

One of my favorite tools is the flash card game — simple but effective.

Rocket German flash cards example
Each lesson comes with a corresponding set of flashcards, or you can create your own to focus on words and phrases that you really want to practice.

Testing your pronunciation

If you've ever been afraid to speak your German out loud, for fear that nobody would understand you... you'll like this next feature.

Every single audio example in Rocket German has a voice-recording tool built in, so you can record your pronunciation and see how good it is. 

Rocket German pronunciation tool example
In the first example, I got it right. In the second example I said the wrong name. Rocket German uses red text to highlight where you went wrong.

The tool is based on similar voice recognition technology to the technology in your phone that lets you give it voice commands. 

The idea is that if you can get it to understand your German... you'll probably be easily understood by an actual German-speaking person. Right? 

There are three difficulty levels that are supposed to require more refined pronunciation. In my testing I didn't notice much difference between the levels, but it could simply be that my German pronunciation is sehr gut.

You can try it out on the Rocket German website, about halfway down the page.

Who is Rocket German suitable for?

  • Anyone who needs a fast grasp of some German basics: The Interactive Audio Course is a great introduction. It's fun to listen to, teaches you a surprising amount, and it gives you real, usable German building blocks from very early in the course.

  • Anyone who wants to become fluent: The addition of the "language and culture" lessons means you can dig deeper and learn more grammar and vocabulary. Rocket German comes in three levels so you can go all the way from beginner to advanced.

  • German learners who have trouble getting German to "stick": The testing tools are really useful for locking the material into your memory, and they're fun as well.

  • Anyone taking a German course who wants extra help: The "language and culture" courses and testing tools can be used alongside another course for revision and practice.

The things I really like are...

  • It gives you meaningful results, fast: The course is front-loaded with useful language, so you can actually start using it from day one. This is a lot more motivating than courses that start with grammar basics, and it means you're more likely to stick with it.
  • But it's also includes a really comprehensive grammar course: So that after that initial burst of accomplishment, you can also dig down and learn the finer details of the language. This is a course that just keeps giving.
  • It's good for different learning styles: Rocket German offers different approaches to learning German. You might learn best through tests and games, or through listening to the audio course, or by reading through the lessons. You can pick the strategy that works best for you.
  • But it's not a gimmick: Some language courses are little more than fancy games that make you feel like you're doing well, but don't really help you become fluent in German. Rocket German is, underneath, a rock solid traditional German course with some fun ways of approaching the tried-and-true material. (Yes, there are 16 ways of saying "my" in German. Yes, Rocket German will teach you all of them.)

  • There's an app for iOS and Android so you can do the entire course from your smartphone or tablet.

  • No software to install on a laptop/desktop. It's an online course, so you just go to their website, log in, and it all works. No need to download anything or muck around installing things. It just works.
  • Good bang for buck: At the time of writing this, you can get the first level for under a hundred bucks. That gets you 29 interactive audio lessons, 34 "language and culture" lessons, 2051 voice comparison phrases, 61 flash card sets, and the full suite of testing tools. That is a LOT of material, and it will take you a long way towards fluency. If you're after value for money, this is for you.

  • Not a subscription service: It's a one-off purchase, so there are no ongoing subscription charges of any kind. You'll also get free updates for life, so you don't have to worry about it getting outdated.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is the real clincher for me. You can buy it, try it, and if you don't think it'll work for you — get a full refund. Because it's an online course, you don't even need to pay for return postage.

Any bad points?

  • Allows you (possibly) too much freedom: The layout lets you jump around to whichever lesson you like, and doesn't insist that you pass tests before moving ahead. This gives you the freedom to use the course however you like, but it might be too easy to push ahead before you've truly mastered material.
  • Occasionally pedantic tools: On a couple of occasions the testing tool told me I was wrong, when I was technically correct. (For instance, when I gave a shortened "wie geht's?" instead of the full "wie geht es dir?", or vice versa.) On the plus side, there was an option to report an issue with the phrase — so I did — and I received a courteous email from customer support within a couple of days saying that clarification had been added to the tool. Nice!
Screenshot of Rocket German vocabulary with clarification
The quick and courteous support team added that clarification at my request. (You're welcome!)

In conclusion?

When it comes to value for money, Rocket German has it in spades. For under a hundred bucks (at the time of writing) you get what is essentially three language courses:

  • An audio course to give you the essentials fast, and build your confidence
  • A full grammar course to develop greater fluency
  • A huge array of tools and tests for reinforcing your knowledge

The course gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility to find your best style of learning, and it provides motivation to keep going and (in a way) become addicted to practicing your German.

The "most essential language first" approach is very effective in the Interactive Audio Course. After going through these lessons I felt like I could drop into a German-speaking area and muddle my way through pretty well, even if I didn't understand the finer points of the language. The addition of the "language and culture" lessons means that when I do want to learn those finer points, I don't need to buy anything else.

With a friendly community, responsive support team, no ongoing fees and 60 day money-back guarantee, Rocket German offers an effective course and excellent value. Gold star for you, Rocket German!

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